To all our patients:

We want to reassure you that MFP will strive to continue to provide you with high-quality care and personal attention.

Our office is still open and our phone is on: (732) 560-0490

Due to a change in government regulations and recommendations, we are now also able to offer appointments in the remote “Telemedicine” format. Telemedicine appointments should be scheduled and will occur via video session at an assigned time.

Dr. Goldman and Dr. Pizzelanti will be using secure doxy.me video calling that adhere to all HIPPA data privacy requirements. Video sessions are not recorded.

There is no need to download any software or create an account.

The requirements for the telemedicine remote appointment are either:

  • a computer (desktop or laptop) with a camera and microphone
  • a smartphone
  • a tablet.

Computer browsers that work are Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

After making telemedicine appointment, please copy following link to your browser https://doxy.me/middlebrook    and check in 3-5 min prior to your appointment time. Alternatively a link will be sent to your email or texted to your smartphone.

Please be patient- due to recent increase in demands for this service, connection may be slow and interruptions are possible.

Prior to your appointment please pre-test your devices by going to https://doxy-me/precall-test/
Please review the following video “Doxy.me – Checking in as a Patient”:    https://youtu.be/yJf9N9sjDLI